Saturday, December 22, 2012

Morris Family Anniversary Celebration in New York City

Hi. Here is a YouTube Video of our Family from Fox News. I thought you might enjoy seeing our family, (though there are two more grandchildren born since this was taped), as you start reading my blogs. I will be posting on Sunday nights beginning in January, 2013.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Our Family's Christmas Miracle

Caren, a woman who had gone to college with our sons 20 years before, had been waking up in the night with dreams that made her concerned for Mr. Morris (my husband), whom she had never met. Though she hadn't been in touch with our sons for all of these years, she sent off an email to son Jonathan: 

"This is a strange thing, but I have had two dreams about you and Joseph, asking me to pray for your dad. I have been doing so and hope that all is well with your father (I don't know him), but have found myself getting up with the baby at night with thoughts of your family. Your father is especially ever-present in my heart."

A heart specialist had just recently suggested that Bob get a heart catheterization either then or in six months.  Bob had decided on waiting the six months since he wasn't experiencing any symptoms.  I was deeply worried about his waiting because of the strong symptoms I was noticing, but which Bob was passing off as just getting a bit older. There was no "budging" Bob on the waiting decision.
But when Fr. Jonathan forwarded the email from Caren to Bob, and when it arrived immediately following an email from our son Joe encourageing Bob to have the heart procedure done sooner than later, he immediately called the cardiologist and made an appointment for that Friday.  

"Bob, coming in for the heart catheterization now was a life-saving decision. You have a 90% blockage of the 'Widow Maker Artery!"  The Surgeon.

The surgeons placed a stent in his artery and his energy, health and enthusiasm all came back with it!

The doctor's words emphasized for us the Miracle of Love that came our way through the simple, but a spirit-led emails sent Bob's way.

"Thank you Joseph and Caren for paying attention
 to the quiet whisperings of God.
Thank you for my husband's life. "

I wrote this to Caren...and in return she wrote:
"Funny thing is, I can't say that I had a quiet whisper from the Holy Spirit at all! These were the most vivid of dreams, each promptly ended by the uncharacteristic cries of our baby; which literally forced an all night vigil for your husband! It recurred for hours, into the morning. Even sending my older children to school did not end the persistent thoughts of your, I tried to contact Jon via email, and once I did that, my head was finally cleared enough to plan for supper!"

"When I received Fr. Jonathan's email letting me know what had happened about the life-saving surgery (I actually "forgot about" my sending that email), I broke down in tears. Knowing that Our Lord had used a wretch like me was a two-fold answer to a very desperate prayer I had made in mid-October: "Do you care about our lives here on earth, Lord?" and "Please give me any kind of indication that I am of value to You."

Whether they are quiet whisperings or vivid dreams, or the reading of the scriptures, God wants to bring His love into the world through wretches like you and me and Caren! He sent His Son into the World that the world might believe in Him and be saved. There is great suffering in the world, and heart attacks, strokes and cancer reach all of our lives very personally. And isn't that at the heart of all of our prayers for healing.... that our loved ones live forever!

Bob's life was prolonged. 
There is an appointed time for Bob to die, for all of us to will surely come .

For some reason, it wasn't Bob's time yet...
Was it for Caren's sake? 
Was it because God has more work  for Bob to do on this earth? 
 Was it because God wanted to remind  all of us how our lives are so intertwined and how powerful love can be?
The mystery of miracles. 

But, The Greatest Miracle Mystery took place in the Stable of Bethlehem
on the way to the Cross.
Let God's Holy Spirit fill your hearts with this amazing love
so that everyone in our homes knows that they are loved beyond measure.
And so that, even strangers,
like Caren and Bob,
might experience his healing touch and know of His presence with us this Christmas.  

 "Let's Double Down on Love!" 
 Fr.Jonathan's suggestion when he talked about something we could do in response to the killings of the young children in Conneticut.

Blessings from our family to yours.
Bob and Sharon