Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pope Francis, You Make Me Feel Uncomfortable!

Pope Francis, do you really take a bus instead of a limousine? I have only ridden in a limousine a few times, but I really liked it! It made me feel special, important, "better than".

Pope Francis, did you really go to the hotel to pay your bill personally?  I like a good “deal” and would have been so happy to have someone pay the bill for me… and also feel the “privilege of being special”. 

Pope Francis, you resisted the pressure and expectations that you needed to wear the “special” robes as you went out to meet the people for the first time as Pope.  You chose the simple white garments and a very simple “wave” as you greeted everyone.  I would have loved to put on the garments that singled me out as “the NEW POPE”, a unique position of power.
Oh, and were you sincere, Pope Francis, when you told your people in Argentina not to come all of the way to Rome for your installation, but rather,  “Tell the bishops and the faithful to make an offering and an act of solidarity to the poor with the money instead”?  You have already made me think about my life.  Do I need ALL of the clothes in my closet?  How do I seek after “privilege” in my own life?  Why would I want to be more “special” than someone else? 
Pope Francis, something in my soul rejoiced with all of the angels in Heaven with the simple choices I have seen so far.  They challenged me and made me uncomfortable, but they quickened hope in my soul that there can be one among us who loves at a deeper level. 
I think that we all dream of a society that would be more just and more generous, more genuine and trustworthy.   Seeing a glimpse of a man living these qualities these past few days reminded me of a man who lived and died so many years ago…centuries ago.  It reminded me of Easter Morning.  And my heart quickens with the realization that you, Pope Francis, are following Him.  And that this gift of discipleship is a call to each one of us today as it was 2000 years ago.

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