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A Break From Life... or Addiction #3

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#3 in the series, A Break From Life... or Addiction?
  'Simply and Beautifully Woman' Newsletter  # 3
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A Break from Life....
Or Addiction 

July 7th,  2013
I'm writing from beautiful San Diego.  My younger brother with special needs will be spending two weeks with his sister's family in sunny California. I helped make sure that he arrived there safely. What a treat for me!  
On the way to our airplane on Friday, I stopped to buy some mints, mints and low and behold in Massive size print was a magazine cover that was announcing "Matthew Perry  (star from Friends)  
My Life as an Addict".  matthew perry
Perry says his writing about his story is to get the word out to help people that are suffering. 
" You have to want the help. 
You have to be willing to change." 
A few years ago he spoke at a 4,000 person drug-court convention.  At the convention a  young boy took the stage. He had written a statement, but was crying so hard boy crying he couldn't get it out.  The one thing he managed to say was, "Thank you, everybody, for giving my mom back to me."
Often our addictions affect those people closest to us. We don't "see it" because most of the time we think that we are hiding it well enough. Like this young boy, the addiction of his mother was not a secret from him.  It was a great heartache.  He "knew the difference" between her being well and not well... and he liked "well" a whole lot better!
Our young mother continues her story below.
Till next Sunday,
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The Continuing Story of a
Young Wife and Mother,
Written for the First Time, Especially for You. 
    woman crying
Substance addiction.  "Physiological dependence occurs when the body has to adjust to the substance by incorporating the substance into its "normal" functioning. 
This young wife and mother is a regular reader of the "Simply and Beautifully Woman" newsletter.  


 "I was 14 years old, living alone away from home and scared to death
 It was during that time that I perfected the life skills I needed to cope, to survive, to protect myself.  But my isolation and fear made me continually feel to be apart from everything, instead of being a part of anything.  I began to lie when the truth would suffice.  I cheated when I knew the answers. I began to manipulate any way that I could and took shortcuts wherever possible.  I was actively forming my negative self-image, and even the one bright spot in my life couldn't shine enough light to brighten it.
As a youth I was a nationally ranked tennis player.   tennis player But winning didn't boost my self-confidence.  Instead, a sense of entitlement and ego barged their way into my everyday life. 
I began to live and act as if rules rules didn't apply to me.  I lived for instant short-term gratification, not caring who I hurt or what I had to do to get it.  I felt a void, and I wanted to fill it with anything that felt good:  alcohol, destructive relationships, gambling, overspending, drugs, whatever it took.  Alcohol became my God. It  continued to fuel my resentments toward people and God after I lost my scholarship and was kicked off my tennis team for alcohol.  My life was a seemingly hopeless state of mind, body and spirit and faith was elusive.
After graduation, I began a career as a flight attendant.  For an alcoholic, it was perfect!
airpline stewardess
Traveling to far-off cities with strangers meant I could drink how I wanted, when I wanted and with whom I wanted
What it turned into was drinking warm mini-bottles of vodka vodka while hiding in a dark hotel room. 
But deep down, I knew I couldn't hide from God
All the while I felt He was there,
waiting for me to ask Him for grace and guidance -
waiting for me to stop living in fear of what lay ahead. 
 And boy did He ever have plans for what lay ahead!
To be continued next Sunday
Are you living with someone who "thinks" he/she is hiding their addiction?  Hiding from God? Are you getting the help you need.... like that little boy who was crying so hard?
Matthew Perry was making $1,000,000 each episode on Friends.  Why in the world would he drink when he has "everything" ?
Addictions affect ALL walks of life in many degrees. Lawyers, homeless, stars, teachers, priests, mothers, daughters, and fathers. It's a disease that tries to convince us we 'don't have a problem'  Remember that Step one in getting on the road to recovery is  Admitting that you are powerless over your addiction and that your life has become a bit unmanageable because of it.........,.

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